January 31, 2019

How to fake your death for a fortnight?

Zoe Gibson, 24

Had enough of being contactable every hour, day or night? Feel an overwhelming desire to drop your phone in the sea and set alight your computer? A short stint of being dead might be for you. Faking your death for a fortnight gives you all of the benefits of being dead with none of the lasting effects.

This photograph is exploring the value of escapism. Having a moment to slip into a different world and disappear from the relentlessness of modern living. The internet is a brilliant tool however the constant connectivity of social media and the informational torrent it provides can sometimes feel overwhelming. Through the character of the strawberry I have tried to touch on some of the contradictions of internet use, the oversharing versus the anonymous, the social and the lonely.

In the centre of out picture sits the strawberry an anonymous character but in full view. In soft surroundings but a little too harshly lit. Seemingly alone but looking straight at you. The saccharine and the sinister.

I would like to invite you into the strawberry world and imagine it as a creature we could all assume for a week or two’s escape.


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