Paper cut, Stop motionTo be, 2020

I have been pondering this question for a while. During this lock-down, while we are all adapting to pretty extraordinary circumstances, this question came more frequently. So I started exploring it, dancing, moving, recognising with my senses .Our body is our engine to live. This engine gives us the most honest signs we need, for understanding our most authentic self. Then, I decided to create a companion. A small puppet to project some of these experiences. I cut out body parts and decided to not introduce any background to the animation. No other distractions but the simplicity of this character. The simplicity of the body and its expressions. There are many the elements around us influencing who we are. So I wanted to identify and explore who am I, with and without these circumstances. How do I feel and perceive? How do I integrate and connect? What truly speaks to my heart? And to yours? I believe by listening to our body and creativity we can discover our most authentic self and empower who we truly are. Along these days I have experienced how the simplicity of a movement and a gesture it can bring meaning to my life.