August 3, 2019

How should we view domestic abusers?

Bee Parkinson - Cameron, 26 | Natalie Galloway, 26

Our entry explores domestic abuse and specifically the way that abusers are viewed by their partners. Domestic abuse is a horrific thing that has a massive impact not only on an individuals sense of self esteem and their identity but on the way they view relationships and their own actions. Did I do anything to provoke this? How could I have allowed such a thing to happen? Should I have seen this coming? Am I a victim or a survivor?

This entry explores the feelings and sensations associated with examining the actions of your abuser and focuses primarily on the two very distinct parts of the one person; the good and the bad. This entry brings awareness to the fact that good memories and bad memories sit side by side and that in order to fully understand your abuser, you must see them for the person they really were in order to bring peace to yourself and allow you to move forward and reclaim yourself.

With an increase in the number of reported incidents of domestic abuse in Scotland, this piece of work is important as it raises awareness of the impact of domestic abuse, something that is largely unseen.

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