October 30, 2020

How prepared are we for the unexpected?

David Reid

Oil on canvasAnnunciation, 202060"x42"

The annunciation of the Virgin Mary did not cause her great distress. A visitation of an angel should at least have you walking backwards with your arms aloft and your mouth agape. It’s not that she wasn’t afraid, but she had an acceptance of this role she was being given, as a servant of God; the strength of her faith overcoming misgivings about the travails ahead of her. She stood her ground. Hardly blinked. As an atheist, I didn’t want to give my contemporary depiction of Mary the fortitude of faith. I,instead, gave her a book to show that, at her studies, she might have an alternative path to be prepared for any eventuality; “Zen Mind; Beginner’s Mind” . Mary is young enough not to be tainted by experience. Her readings teach her to be open and in readiness for all possibilities. I have flipped the “test of faith” to a test of the preparedness of the mind to any eventuality.