January 31, 2020

How often do we really see how much we shine?

Janine Forder, 40

For 10 years I’d sat working from my Moray home feeling lonely with very few friends. After a particularly bleak winter I knew this had to change so I joined a silversmithing class. Week 1: I questioned if I’d ever create something beautiful, because I struggled with the most basic techniques. If I’m not good at something straight away I tend to quit. Week 2: Another student shocked me by asking me to have coffee before the next class. That night I wept, because someone wanted to be MY friend! Week 3: I started to create the star pendant as I heard my Spirit Guide repeating “you are a star, time to shine your light”. The necklace evolved and even though I loved the star, I knew there was something missing. It took another new friend to help me see that the missing part was LOVE. I felt my own heart swell as I made new connections and I poured that into my creation. Little did I know when I took this photo of the finished piece that all my sense of pride and love for this new passion would be reflected back at me. Look at me shine!

Shining with Love, 2018Photograph of Jewellery