April 23, 2021

How Much Trust Does Intimacy Take, How Much Bravery?

Marie Schülpke

VideoSkin Dialogue,

I am interested in intimate human connections. Our need for them and the role that trust and vulnerability play in forming them. This video focuses on the aspect of touch in an intimate relationship. I am fascinated by how much we communicate over touching, especially things that cannot be expressed through words. This became more apparent than ever in the last few months. There is a need for touching and being touched by loved ones that cannot be compensated by any other form of communication. Yet, as with all intimacy, there is a very delicate dynamic when two people touch, that needs to be handled with much care. Touch is powerful and there is always a possibility of causing or experiencing harm. Through the years, I have encountered moments in which I struggled to clearly answer myself the question, do I want this touch? These moments sensitized me to the need for carefulness and sensitivity when navigating moments of physical closeness but also to the need of touch itself. In this work I wanted to play with that balance, to visualize the delicacy and danger of connecting through touch, but also the power and lovingness it holds.