November 14, 2021

How Much Power Does the Thumbs Up over You?

Renata Hurna

TextileThumbs Up, 202175x85cm

Lately, I’ve been spending more time on social networks like Facebook, and I’ve been interested in how ordinary people present themselves on these social networks. Edited photos are very common. Why? Our friends know us and they know who we are and how we live. As a background, I used the technique of eco printing to show, unlike the improved photos, the ordinary beauty around us, which does not need to be manipulated, because it is as beautiful as we are. In ancient Rome, the emperor ruled over the lives of the governors in the Roman Colosseum by pointing his finger up or down, and we seem to have adapted this custom to this day, when we express our judgments on social media. What are we willing to do for a raised finger? Why are we editing photos for our friends? Do we want a good judgment or is it vanity?