April 30, 2020

How much do words weigh?

Craig Wilkie

Locked down, 2020

Words define us and shape the course of our lives. The things we say and the things we don’t say – they have consequences. Sometimes big ones. Many people looking back on their lives say that they regret the things they didn’t do more than the things they did. But what about the things that they didn’t say? How much do we regret them? What do we miss out on with things left unsaid? What do we lose by that left unspoken? My story is very much of present times and a crisis that at times seems impossible to comprehend. But it’s the story of a man who wants to control his life, bring order to it, by a deliberate effort to control what he says. Ultimately it’s a story of loss and the difficulty of finding words that measure up to it. When we express in lament “I don’t know what to say,” it’s because truly we don’t. So often we weigh our words, and sometimes we find that they’re just too heavy to speak.