June 28, 2019

How much can we push the masquerade without putting ourselves in danger?

Chocola Bizarre, 28

This picture might actually be one of the most obvious i’ve ever done. In a time when you crave for the new version of the same phone that is still working perfectly fine, I keep my old broken one because it doesn’t look perfect but it feels genuine. And this is mostly what lies there. We spend hours to pick the perfect angle, the perfect light on our perfect phone, most of the time alone in a place to pretend then that we had an amazing time and that we woke up like this. But what is left in the end, even if you had 75 likes for your picture and lots of congratulations. I can tell, what is left is a lonely person in a room that needs to wear make up all the time because she’s scared to be called a catfish. It is how it is now but we still can make a change. To show that things can be done differently, that perfection is not the ultimate goal in life. That we all have a light and none of them look the same. One should always remember that it’s different colours that make the most stunning fireworks!