Watercolour, Pen, AcrylicA Catalyst for Healing, 202210.5cmx14.5cm,

My latest work is a result of trying to overcome my latest bought of bad mental health which got me thinking, how healing is art?

Art as a form of healing is not new thinking, but I wanted to see HOW healing it can be. When working I tried to break my imaginative boundaries and paint using my emotions, using my depression and anxiety. I attempted to sit with my feelings, facing them head-on, and channeling them into my art. I opened myself up to non-perfection, to contradiction and thinking outside the box.

Instead of using art as a way to escape my troubles, I leaned into them and used them as inspiration, as guidance. Each piece represents how I felt when I created it and ultimately, how I dealt with the emotions I was experiencing. I believe opening myself up into my art gave me the opportunity to overcome my troubles in a way I’ve never experienced, turning my art into the catalyst to my own healing. The final outcomes, I feel, are a touching tribute to the fragility of the mind, the troubles we all face on the inside and the true healing powers of artistic outlets.