May 29, 2019

How might our microcosmic and macrocosmic worlds be connected?

Ella Yolande, 22

This body of work explores the parallels and similarities between micro and macro imagery. I’m interested in contemplating our place in the cosmos and how microcosmic and macrocosmic worlds might be linked through repeated structures. Pulling together extremes from outer space to the reverse telescope of looking inside the human body, I have created surreal visual worlds to explore this relationship.

Feeding into this is my interest in the descriptions and imagery in creation myths and how parallels can be drawn with certain visuals and language in scientific accounts of beginnings. Included in this are substances such as primordial soups, cosmic eggs and descriptions of the world being created from the remains of a giant. Through video these ideas are brought together by collaging different imagery and playing with scale – such as a phasing moon merged with cells, bodily imagery and microscopic footage.

I am interested in how my work could indicate micro macro visions of the world, it’s cyclical nature and how structures are echoed within each other.

My practice spans video, sculpture, photography and sound with pieces often culminating in installations that bring together these multiple elements.

This video is part of my degree show installation in which it sits on a stage like space among sculptural forms. It is designed to play as a continual loop, allowing it to be entered at any point.

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