January 31, 2020

How many times have you passed by me without so much as a glance?

Moira Buchanan, 46

What is in front of us becomes embedded in our memory it no longer has a narrative but becomes circumstance of being. Many of Glasgow’s iconic, or older builds, have either closed or have been left in such decline they eventually become rubble. We are fortunate to have functional or part functional buildings we can enter and enjoy. Recently the People’s Palace closed off the Winter Gardens indefinitely for repairs. The plants and flowers were reported to be affected. In my image, I was demonstrating the atmosphere of change. By seeking to maintain the buildings structure we have lost an inherited garden. Image; mix media on upcycled palette wood.

How Many Times Have You Passed By Me Without So Much As a Glance?, 2019Mix media on upcycled palette wood6x6 inches