April 26, 2022

How Many Stones Can Be Thrown Before We Must Leave A House Made Of Glass ?

James New

writing/short storyThe Reunion, 2022

Passing judgement on others before we even know them or understand them can be foolish, damaging and sometimes dangerous. When we don’t know or understand our family or ourselves and pass judgement, it can be heart breaking and sometimes tragic. Some will run away as far as possible for good reason and will never return, some will return after many years after the naivety of youth put them at the mercy of a wider sometimes cruel world. Could it be that a better life is out there? Possibly. More than likely though until a solid foundation is found there will be further to fall. This short story is about family, trust, forgiveness, and maybe redemption. Though the use of the past these words could easily apply to the present and to the future. If there is a way back perhaps there is hope, not just the despair that made it so easy to leave. If there is a way to return, I say take that chance and don’t judge too harshly – no one is perfect and most people deserve a second chance. At least we can say we tried.