September 29, 2019

How many retellings does it take to change the story?

Sarah Grant

FilmResilience, 20191920x1080mm

Eve, Old Bailey and Medusa. Three women from mythology that bring to mind tragic and damning stories whenever you mention their names. Eve; downfall of man. Old Bailey; blind and silent and passive. Medusa; a monster. This bothers me.

If you think about it this way, Eve was denied the knowledge of good and evil, was confined to the Garden and degraded when told she was inferior to Adam. If Eve lived in Scotland today she could press charges and send God to jail for coercive control.

Old Bailey is justice incarnate. She was given a sword for a reason and the scales have been tipped against women for far too long.

Medusa, according to Ovid, was once a beautiful maiden and was only turned into a gorgon, by Athena, after Poseidon raped her in her temple. Who is the real monster here?

Why are the women still seen as the problem? We need to start retelling these stories in a different way to ever make a change. Resilience places unlikely pop culture superstars such as Britney Spears, Amanda Palmer and P!nk, in the old narratives in the hope that, finally, the stories of female persecution change for good.