February 1, 2019

How many monsters did you created?

John Shield, 20

Do you think that you will be able to be a good human in every circumstance? We don’t underestimate the power of small decision that we are making every day. What if someone became a murderer because of your small, unjustly and rude reaction, so unimportant that you probably didn’t noticed that its hurt someone. Of course, one wrong word won’t influence someone to commit a crime, but if someone is not prepared and for a long time is receiving only negative reaction, this could be enough. How many lives could you save by simply trying to understand someone before taking action, every day for your entire lifespan?


Everyone Is Non Character Person To Someone
390 x 270mm

I’m barely unable to feel emotions, this kind of serenity isn’t bad, but for most of humans emotions are important to be sane, and i don’t want to risk. I draw or paint to feel something. I like to use my little skill to make world a better place.