September 6, 2019

How many lives have to be taken before something changes?

Georgia Maxwell, 19

Beheaded, gunned down and stoned to death. 369 trans people were killed in 2018. That is more than one person killed per day. This statistic only includes the deaths that were reported. This statistic does not cover the cases which went unreported or cases of suicide.

Not only do transgender people have to contend with the distress of living with an incongruent body, they also have to live every day under the threat of violence, abuse and murder. Trans people are not adequately treated by healthcare, they are not duly protected by law and they are not suitably respected by people.

Being trans means living every day in a body you hate, in a world that doesn’t care for you, surrounded by people who don’t understand.

369 people killed in one year.

An unknown number killed in history.

How many people’s lives have to be taken before something changes?

How many?