March 15, 2020

How Long Will We Last For?

Iris Suarez, 36

Pollution, Climate Change, Deforestation, Animal Welfare. Topics that are nowadays in every mouth, in every thought, in every newspaper. People are starting to care enough, to show concern, yet, are our little actions helping enough our world for it to last longer and healthier? The consequenes of these topics are extremely overwhelming for those who respect our natural world. But sometimes we forget it´s a “living” world. It breathes, it eats, it moves, it talks and it listens. Do we listen to it the same way? All these topics mentioned above are what inspire my art work. The sky, polluted. The weather, constantly changing. The forests, dissappearing. The land, bloody with the corpses of our beautiful creatures. We must make a deep introspection of ourselves as individuals and as a society. We must unite to save as much as possible of what is left of a world that made us who we are, what we are. Thank by caring. It´s time to awaken the warrior inside each of us. Make our best, be our best, give our best. Without taking anything else from this so valuable Natural World that so quickly is now vanishing.

How long will we last for?, 2020Painting and PhotographyVary