October 31, 2020

How long does forgiveness take?

Maureen Malcolm-Gourley | Alasdair McCracken, 40

Video / Spoken Word / SoundscapeBattered, 2020

What is a normal upbringing? Culturally we see however we were brought up as normal. Discovering that it was not the same as others was hard. I knew my mum loved me and that it was just part of the culture in the West of Scotland at that time to be hit. After many years of mental health challenges, I have realised that those early traumatic experiences have made me who I am today. I know everyone is doing the best they can in the circumstances they find themselves in, however, it is important to acknowledge the effect it has had on me. What I have learned is that by questioning those experiences and not attributing blame allows forgiveness and a way forward. Domestic abuse is not talked about openly enough and I hope that by sharing my experience we can continue to talk about mental health, trauma, love and forgiveness.