December 29, 2018

How limited are we despite the unstoppable technological progress?

Fabio Scaglione


On December 6th O2’s 4G went down across the UK so that millions of customers had no access to the network for half a day. The accident created panic among millions of customers who felt betrayed by their phone company and demanded a prompt refund.

Living in the illusion to have the information at hand at anytime, we feel omniscient and we stopped being focused on the world to focus on the virtual reality which is supposed to ease our lives and increase our knowledge.

This process of human improvement is producing the opposite result. We are slaves of technology at the point to feel cut off from the world once we cannot use the internet. Asking Google the right question is the quickest way to resolve any daily issue at the expense of the brain’s potential.

Human interaction is filtered by social networks, people do not even look at the world around them as their eyes have been stolen by their smartphone, post-modern extension of our mind.

The man has never been more lonely and powerless than now in a present in which you do not exist without a social profile.


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