January 9, 2020

How is our world seen from the perspective of a tree ?

Ellie Buchanan, 22

How would our life seem to those that live in another timescale completely: A timescale where change happens over years, decades even centuries? How would our life seem through the eyes of a tree for example? How do they talk to each other? How fast do their thoughts move? How much do they care about our ever-changing troubles? I believe these are hugely important questions in a world where nature is being abused, and we are being encouraged to live a frantic lifestyle in which it is easy to forget how fast we’re moving and how small our everyday troubles really are. I was inspired to write this poem after spending a long period of time on my own, in a remote wilderness area of Norway. During which I was lucky enough to, just for a moment, get close enough to nature to see the world through its eyes. Through helping me to step outside myself, writing this poem has greatly developed my ideas, And I hope that it will prompt discussions as to how our lives appear from a more timeless perspective, and encourage others to step back from their worries and get closer to nature.

In A Forgotten But Not Forgetful Place,