January 23, 2021

How Is Our New Digital World Changing What It Means To Be Human?

Lewis Deeney

Acrylic On Reconstructed BoardEverybody & Nobody, 2020

This work explores the way in which digital technology is changing our collective understanding of ourselves.

Physically disconnected we communicate through screens, through the digital world we have created, this piece is a response to the countless group videos chats we all find ourselves in. The digital world cannot and should not replace physical human connection. A temporary solution to a bigger problem our continued use of digital communication risks an even bigger long-term problem: the loss of our humanity. Deconstructed, over-simplified, and reconstructed out of painterly abstract shapes, the work reduces the face into an abstraction of geometric forms. Ageless, raceless and genderless; the subject holds no belief or ideology, simultaneously showing everyone and no one. Exposing the loss of our humanity if we continue under our current technological relationship. Whatever position you take, whoever you are, the work is of you and not you, everybody and nobody. See yourself in another and them in you. We must use technology to embrace and not erase our humanity.