January 11, 2020

How inclusive can we really make sports in Scotland?

Jojo Murray | Zane Apsite, 27 | Jojo Murray, 22

Sannah Hussain: Outside Fighter, 2019

Sannah Hussain: Outside Fighter is a fifteen minute, observational documentary. Presented by Sannah Hussain, a Scottish Muslim boxer with Albinism and muscle weakening condition Myasthenia Gravis, the documentary explores the world of inclusive sports in Scotland showing how those with a disability can become more active, participate in sports and find community within their surroundings. Sannah has a passion for bringing awareness to those in need and equality within minorities. She is incredibly ambitious, people-orientated, empathetic and bluntly spoken about anything she feels strongly about, so we have taken this opportunity to show others that it can be extremely simple to make any sport inclusive for all.