January 31, 2021

How Important To An Artist Is The Subconscious?

Lola Stong-Brett

Oil On CanvasBoop, 2020

The human mind retains information and imagery that we collate into forms of interest; these initial thoughts provoke discussion and as artists we interlace ideas to form a visual outcome. My work touches on Colour Field Painting and Abstract Expressionism. Within my large, gestural and child-like mark-making, I lose self-control and consciousness in order to reach a state of freedom from restricted thought. Instinct is integral to this process because each layer within the painting is made of a series of determined decisions. Each emotive gesture and brush stroke within my painting influences the next, as do the colours I use. Layers upon layers make the canvas have its own life span and hidden history. For the figurative imagery, I create collages of old cartoons, TV animation and Disney, as well as street art and popular culture. This expresses the abstract connections people form between different media and everyday experiences. Therefore my paintings show that the human subconscious is one of the most integral parts of being an artist. You hold in your mind snippets of memories and by instinctively catching these subconscious thoughts, you are able to produce a mark on a canvas.