December 14, 2019

How important is your body to your identity?

Naomi Latham, 26

“Disconnected” primarily explores identity, specifically the connection between our physical bodies and our mental identities, and what happens when this connection is disrupted. This is a topic of vital relevance for the modern age, as the rapid rise of technology provides us with more ways to express ourselves outside of our physical presence. The gap between who we are physically and who we are mentally increases every day, and with this progress, it is important to consider the effect that this widening gap will have. The separation between our technological and physical selves is already taking its toll and it’s essential to prepare ourselves for what identity will become, in order to cope with inevitable advancement. I was inspired to write this piece after a low point in my depression. During this episode, I reflected on my dissatisfaction with my body and the difference between the person I could be in my mind and what I was physically capable of. Growing up and still living in an age of technological leaps and bounds, this experience related in my mind to the idea of online personas and how people create separate identities through social media.

Disconnected, Short story