January 31, 2019

How important is personal reflection in our digital age?

Sean McKay


Seven months ago, I’d recently left a psychiatric hospital which was under governmental investigation and I felt completely lost. I questioned the utility of neuroscience, a field I spent most of 20’s contributing to, when there seemed to be a compassion deficit in society. I put my thoughts into an essay and anonymously submitted to the John Byrne Award resulting in catharsis.

The aim of this essay is to self-appraise the original work by inwardly reflecting on the time that has elapsed. Did I sufficiently answer my original question and if so, have I changed my opinion? In doing so, I wish to highlight that our opinions, feelings and expressions are not static but constantly in flux. I believe allowing both ourselves and others the grace to change our minds is critical to all our well-being especially in a digital age, where we leave our footprints in stone rather than sand.