October 31, 2021

How Important Are Decolonization Practices for Women of Different Cultures Living in the UK?

Camila Ospina Gaitan

Digital Paint Printed on Silk Viscoe and Metal Infra Structure.Great Britain, 2021165 cmx 110cmx 350cm

Great Britain (Digital painting on silk with metal infrastructure) consists of a combination of medieval iconography and contemporary situations; its main purpose is to question whether the UK has remained in a medieval/colonial state, especially for female bodies. It consists of 3 parts: Sky (head): is the idealization of it, pure magic with a more classical perspective, but you start to notice that there is the blood. Garden (body): it is the elegance of all these royal gardens, it is the modification of lands scape to prove a status quo, but when you look closer, you notice that the garden is full of monsters that have to mutilate other cultures and humans to create that. Hell (shadow): it is the materialization of a shadow, of darkness and the unseen, is the place where there is no idealization or elegance; It is the truth of a colonial present that is alive. It is grotesque and scary some scenes of power-sucking and oppression, truly how things might have not changed from a medieval time. This project’s discussion is fundamental to question the UK as an empire and its continued colonial behaviours, like racism, machismo, and the exploitation of other countries and cultures.