December 29, 2021

How Healthy Is Isolation?

Ruaridh Litster-Campbell

SculptureThe Bathman, 2021200 x 180 x 80cm

I made this sculpture over the course of the pandemic whilst back in my childhood home on the West coast. What started off as a project to sink some time into ended up reflecting my often paradoxical feelings regarding isolation, forced or otherwise. The cement figure is a life cast of myself, sitting in a bath out at sea. On one hand it is calm and serene, free from outside influences or noise. The figure sits facing out to sea, neglecting the safety of the shore, determinedly facing the oncoming weather. These are the positives of isolation, time to stop, take stock and prepare. However, every day the tide comes up, sometimes to the edge of the bath, other times covering the figure completely. This inevitable daily drowning mirrors my own regular panic at being static too long, stuck out in the sticks seeing no one and little progress. Eventually though the tide rises and covers His head, protecting Him from any storm on the surface. He’s submerged, contemplative and tranquil again. Until the tide drops and the process repeats.