April 30, 2020

How has The Media Changed Women’s Perceptions of Their Body Image?

Stacey Carnegie

Photography and filmUnique Gestures, 2020

The intense media focus on what society deems the ‘beautiful woman’ on the multiple platforms we have access to such as magazines, television and social media. They often use images of women who are considered as beautiful as a weapon against other women. With the media omnipresent in our lives more, women are left feeling that their bodies do not meet the beauty standards presented by the media. As ‘image’ has become obsessively important to many women, even more with Instagram being easily accessible, women are exposed to a new range of unrealistic bodies which affect our relationships with our own. These images are bound to eventually have an unconscious effect on each of us. Every time we come face-to-face with ourselves in a mirror, our individual insecurities are raised. My interest in mirrors goes further than the reflective surface, but into investigating how we each present ourselves in a mirror. We all unconsciously choreograph a series of gestures every time we view ourselves, creating a range of unique poses. My work captures a series of images that represents how women feel as they stand in front of the mirror.