turritopsis, 2019

My collage work that contains more than 3000 pieces of images of paper is called TURRITOPSIS inspired by the cnidaires that never die. I am a portraitist and I think a portrait is a history, personal history of someone but also of the world that this person lived or lives. There is so much to tell and to ask by making a portrait. I chose to search the truth, the single truth of one person by observing his life, habits, decisions etc and find the thing that made this person being this or that way, made him/her make decisions and choices. It can be a habit, an addiction, passion, character, dream or a need or beliefs, I call this “thing” the truth. My work contains highly symbolic pieces, it should be observed closely, and I would let the freedom to everyone to discover the symbols and to interpret them.

So I made Turritopsis just after the suicide of my best friend who was a young beautiful girl full of joy and life. It is a strong thing to survive and it made me ask myself many questions about my own life, about life in general. With this portrait I show that there is AN OTHER PART of us, this one that could be dark and so powerful to bring us to the ultimate freedom – the beyond. Do we find love there if we are not loved on earth? Are we rich and beautiful there if here life is too hard? Are we with our entire body there if here we suffer in it? What is beauty there and are there any friends? Am I so curious to know. I was inspired by yellow vests so it could be seen on the body of Turritopsis’s body. I call my portraits psychological mirrors, and every one of us is one kind of those mirrors. Should we resist to what we have in us, to the other part?