March 10, 2020

How far will fear take you?

Murray Caldwell, 21

Pogrom is the exploration of how group fear, manifested in the closed system of a scared, uncertain English village in the Middle Ages, can be manipulated to the point of lethal destruction. Pogrom explores possibilities; how easily the tipping point can be reached and how chaos and violence can be brought to their lethal apex all at the suggestion of a charismatic outsider. Pogrom suggests it is easy for people to turn on and destroy their former idols; that in times of fear it will be a community, an in group, that will turn on and destroy their own. Pogrom is a meditation on what happens when a group allow themselves to be herded by someone who tells them what they want to hear. Pogrom is the destruction of the principled individual, and Pogrom is the exploration of where power truly lies, especially in the given context of uncertain times. Pogrom is the story of villagers in a fictionalised, medieval England, and Pogrom is the story of our world today.

Pogrom, 2019Short Story