July 31, 2020

How far can one word travel?

Catherine Wilson, 24

As we ease out of lockdown, I think it’s crucial we remember many are struggling to leave their house and can feel invisible as the majority prepare to go back to some semblance of “normal” life. I created this digital poetry project so that anyone with access to the internet could engage. Participants were encourage to submit a “metaphorical photograph” – which meant they had to take part in an at-home scavenger hunt to find something that represented their word. I wanted to do this to show how important our home spaces are and how, with some imagination, we can transform them into anything. The final piece is this cinepoem, filmed across Edinburgh, containing words that came 13 different countries across the world – allowing those who participated to be part of something much larger and be connected to people they might never meet. I think the internet is an incredible valuable tool, and we can use it for incredible acts. Artists have the responsibility to use it in a way that reaches out to those normally left out of standard audiences. I filmed this on a phone, so those watching can hopefully replicate it at home too.

Homefound, 2020Video - Cinepoem