April 20, 2021

How Far Can A Person Go When The Time Of The World Seems To Be Running Out?

Letizia Turini

ScriptA Life To Live, 2021

‘A Life to Live’ speaks of a strange period in history: the Cuban Missile Crisis. For thirteen days people believed that the world was about to end. When hope disappears and the time of the world is running out, madness can take hold of an individual. It is for those who linger in hope, and firmly believe in the future that the sun will shine again after those thirteen days. Like all stories based on historical facts, the most important message is to never forget. Sometimes the power of history is underestimated, but I believe that there’s no future if we don’t first look back and learn from the past. Let’s begin by looking back to how much the Cold War impacted young people who weren’t sure if they were going to have a future. How would that have changed you? I think about what effect it could have on me and I shiver. And when I first felt that shiver, I decided to write this story.