April 29, 2021

‘How Dwelling On The Hum-Drums Of The Everyday Can Allow Creative And Conceptual Explorations. What Does It Mean To Cook And To Move?’

Gaby Meskauskaite

DSLR Video"Recipe Unknown", 2021

This video piece Is centred around finding creative inspiration from processes within everyday life such as cooking and movement. The ongoing lockdowns have signified the repetitive nature within day-to-day life: With what seems like infinite time to be cooking, moving around the house or not moving. I found myself, like many others trapped in a cycle of dailyness. Because of this, I was keen to explore these tedious processes in a way that I could derive obscure and humorous qualities from mundane objects and actions. I observe moving image work as a form of social exchange, creating in a way that does not follow set structures it becomes reliant on the generosity of openness. Within this piece I manipulate normality, to allow myself and others to think alternatively about the hum-drums of everyday life. I hope to establish a dry humour and relatability from the themes that arise, involving absurdity and repetition: Ideas which stem from wanting more out of the boredom often associated with cooking, physical movement and preparation. Ultimately, by extracting extraordinary qualities from the ordinary we can dwell on the minutiae and find new ways of thinking about even the most tedious aspects of the everyday.