November 1, 2021

How Does Theatre Brake Our Standards?

Yecheniia Bielasheva

DrawingTheatre of Emotions, 2021A1

In my painting I wanted to introduce to the audience how theatre plays with our prejudices .We usually have standards of behavior depended on which type of person you are -a kid,a woman ,a man ,a psycho or maybe genius .The majority expect from men to be courageous and strong ,while women should be more soft,delicate and fragile ;kids are associated with purity and innocence ,when a psycho usually stands near a picture of annihilation.Theatre tears it into pieces: a young boy can play a youthful female aristocrat, when a massive woman is capable of playing a role of man .The dilemma is -we never understand it -the audience doesn’t notice who plays and how they play .We just see a character on a scene and never know if the actor is the same from what we observe from parterre .My drawing represents the power of emotions – we are more likely to perceive the picture contrasting to what we expect just as the lady gives negative impression, however the young man is full of calmness and purity in his eyes .