July 30, 2020

How does the restriction of environments affect mental health?

Kayleigh McCallum

Mixed media - Acrylics, Inks and CollagePurpose, 2020420x297mm

Since March 2020 we’ve seen a complete change in our environment. With lockdown imposed on us in Scotland we no longer live the life we did only 6 months ago. We’ve been ‘self-isolating’ not only physically, but mentally too. We can no longer go to the same places or do the same activities, in the same way. How do we deal with these changes? How do we cope mentally? We’re spending more time in our own heads than ever before. We have loaded questions circulating our minds and unintentional self-reflection is forced through an entire change of circumstance. The weight of these internal questions pull heavy. I explored one of my internal questions through this artwork. I started with one piece of collage – the word ‘Purpose’ and worked through what I felt my purpose was through thick paint and dripping inks. It turns out in the end I covered up most the collage and the word purpose is hardly visible. Therefore, I’m not sure I know what my purpose is yet, or perhaps I’m not quite ready to show it. It’s still something I’m mentally working through, which I hadn’t before I was ‘locked down’ in one place.