October 29, 2019

How does the light get in?

Kirsteen Meldrum, 48

Because everything has a crack in it.

Inspired by the poetry, writings and music of the late Leonard Cohen, themes of ‘self’, ‘understanding’ and ‘love’ are explored. Considered a prophet by some due to his apparent ability to predict societal changes, his music and message continue to resonate across generations. My poem pays particular tribute to his song ‘The Future’. In this song written in the early 1990s, he predicted the weakening of the United Nation’s human rights charter e.g. the rights to privacy, the rise of social media, global environmental and moral challenges. “There’ll be the breaking of the ancient Western Code, Your private life will suddenly explode”. His creative tools include few gimmicks to produce epistemological complexity: 3 basic musical chords combined with poetry to connect with people especially, as I suggest in my poem, women on an emotional and intuitive level. Spiritual themes combine with ancient mysticism, and human morality and his work conveys the need for deeper connection which isn’t sated through ordinary forms of communication. In his work he concluded that love and hope are the most important ingredients of evolution, creation, communication and life itself. To quote Cohen himself, ‘there is a crack in everything, that’s how the light gets in’.

The Cohen Coded Bow, 2019Poetry