January 18, 2020

How does the human spirit fare amongst eternal misery?

Steffen Kajendra, 22

I wrote this story after being diagnosed with depression at the age of 21. I am a young writer. I felt to explore existentialism and put on paper the thoughts that I felt at the time. My stories are usually multi-themed, and so I take from a lot of sources. For this particular story, I took inspiration from H.P Lovecraft and from an actual historical event – The Great Leap. I usually write about the ‘anecdotes of the little people’ but from an ethnic point of view because of my varied ethnic background and this story is no different. It follows the trials of a man living in a daunting time, and his final soliloquy before he succumbs to death due to starvation. Before death however, he decides to decapitate some goats in search of an epiphany. This forms the main plot of the story. Enjoy your read, hopefully the next won’t be as depressing!

Massacre of some Goats, 2019