April 21, 2021

How Does The Cycle Of Life Manifest In Our Surrounding Landscapes?

Morgan Forbes

Ink/Acrylic paint - Digitally AlteredHow Does The Cycle Of Life Manifest In Our Surrounding Landscapes?, 20206,989 × 4,776 pixels

The view from my bedroom window consists of a series of connections: the overlapping telephone wires, the foundations of a church, the trees, an intricate maze of gravestones, shapes and lines that reoccur in both natural and manmade structures. I was advised to look at these incidents as ‘arteries’ – they all, in some way, formed a half-visible network that fed itself life. I considered the realities of what lay beneath those gravestones and the fantastical implications of the hanging electrical wires above them. It was the energetic rush of life leading through to its own demise. And would the roots of the trees lace under the church; would the cycle continue underground where we cannot see? Such formerly simple objects and ideas had become something more, and finding the reoccurring patterns was essential in my understanding of it all. Inspired by Eva Hesse’s ‘No Title’ installation, Simi Gatenio’s and Stephen Gammell’s loose grayscale works, and Tim Southall’s ‘Circle of Life’, I have tried to capture the intimate ties of the cycle of life.