February 26, 2019

How Does Stress Really Affect Us?

Jordan McDowall


Throughout our daily lives we all encounter stress in some form or another. For many, it can come and go in a moments notice based on the ups and downs of what we are currently experiencing – but for some, stress during difficult times can be intense and consuming. If the slightest amount of pressure can cause us to change our behaviour or attitudes, then should we consider the extent in which past traumas (no matter how small) might still be affecting us to this day?

We all have to face challenges in life – but it is rare that we might think upon how our response to these challenges might reverberate back onto the lives of others.

This piece aims to consider the nature of stress, anxiety, the ways in which we isolate ourselves when it starts to take hold, and how even the smallest actions can cause a profound and lasting effect on the world around us.