October 23, 2018

How does society look at male mental health?

Sky Robb


The values I wanted to express through this project were the different aspects of beauty and the beauty industry. At the beginning of the project I focused mainly on females and how the beauty industry can affect them, and their mental well being though the use of unhealthy-looking models, plastic surgery and toxic social media trends. However, by the end of the collection, I found myself tailoring the themes more towards men. Within society, men are encouraged to repress how they feel, putting on a strong façade to the world in order to appear masculine and powerful. However what society fails to see is that men are affected by the same unattainable beauty standards as woman on a daily basis. As a nation we are progressing, becoming more aware of mental health disorders, eating disorders and body acceptance, however, for men this still seems to be pushed to the side. Not allowing them to express how they truly feel.


“Boys Will Be Boys”
Photo, 750 x 830mm
Instagram: skyisabella.des
Twitter: @SkyIsabellaRobb