April 29, 2019

How does society choose what is good and bad art?

Frederika Dalwood, 22

In ‘What Does it Mean?’ I question what is ‘good’ and ‘bad’ art and how these value judgments are made in the first place, contrasting the seriousness of the art world with references to light-hearted game shows and art in the media – for example the children’s TV series Art Attack. In my mock TV series, the character of the TV host symbolises this culture clash.

Bracketed within the film is a spoof video artwork with myself in the role of a famous artist which mocks the style of a certain kind of contemporary art. By turning what we understand to be ‘serious’ art on its head, I am looking for a new and deeper approach to understanding my own art and how my ideas are communicated. As well as the main theme (which is the way art is given credibility and value) there are several sub texts running throughout the film which are of equal importance and the embedded film explores these deeper questions. For example, I am interested in making films which present a dark and slightly unhinged atmosphere that borders on irrationality and the surreal.

The film editing adds to this feeling of dystopia in the way that the spoof art footage merges into the game show, eventually collapsing and ceasing to make sense.

You can view more of Frederika’s work here.