AudioKinesthesia, 2020

The primitive nature of creating rhythm crosses language, species, and is integral to the way that humans interact with the world around us. Observing the progression of order and artistry that has been created with rhythm shows how it has been used on the battlefield to motivate tired troops, yet also to deliver highly evolved rhythmical lines used throughout modern music. To take the principle of man-made ‘groove’, which could excite man’s friends or terrify his enemies, and fuse it with the capabilities of the modern musician is at the heart of this composition for multi-percussion duet. The dynamic, symbiotic relationship between the two performers and the resulting homogenous sound puts great emphasis on the empowering nature of rhythm and ultimately provokes the bodies of the listeners to involuntarily respond. The progression from human’s earliest rhythmical expressions through to the highly evolved palette of rhythms in use throughout music today provided the inspiration for this piece. Ultimately, it celebrates centuries, if not millennia, of innovation and experimentation through the delivery of complex but relatable grooves.