April 30, 2020

How does projecting an idealised version of ourselves on social media impact on our sense of identity?

Jasmin Hannah Sutherland | Chloe Milner, 51

VideoRose Mirror Rose, 2020

Rose Mirror Rose explores female identity, particularly in the context of today’s social media pressures, exacerbated in the current context of lockdown and social isolation. The hand-stitched rose dress and tangled branches refer to the fairy tale ‘Sleeping beauty’ and the theme of protection versus imprisonment, an issue also reflected in today’s Coronavirus situation. The traditional hand mirror references and considers the way women have long been expected to monitor, manipulate and project a socially acceptable version of themselves. The hand mirror can also be seen as synonymous with the smartphone, today’s self-image maintenance tool. In presenting or projecting a persona to the world we risk losing touch with our authentic identity; we adopt the idealised versions of ourselves that we have created, impacting on our sense of identity, self esteem, and ability to form healthy relationships. We draw from the shared pool of our own experiences, including childhood sexual abuse and adult experience of chronic fatigue syndrome. Creating this artwork opens a space to express, transform and release. The resulting film brings together personal experience, traditional fairy tale, current global crisis and social media influence. We aim to produce engaging and atmospheric visual and conceptual imagery.

Instagram: @milner_sutherland