June 24, 2020

How does our waking conciousness abstract, influence and build a form of narrative for our dreamstate?

Will Donnelly

MusicDream Piano (Ft. MikeWonder), 2020

The track “Dream Piano” appears as track 5 on my debut conceptual album, “Dreams of Ü”. The album explores themes of the deep subconscious and what psychiatrist Carl Jung refers to as ‘the Self’, a state accessible to observe when we are deep within a dream. The process of creating Dream Piano was eerily reminiscent of how our dreams tend to reinterpret reality, and how they almost seem to restructure and create a new narrative with what we have previously experienced. It’s the end of a music session, musicians talk, Mike the young jazz pianist inconspicuously retakes a seat at the piano, I pull out my iPhone and hastily scramble to hit record. Chords with the most nostalgic character echo throughout the room and slide effortlessly into soundtracking the discussions, the dream begins. Months go by before the recording finds it’s place in Ableton, from there, heavy processing, additional samples, layering, and restructuring of the original piece as an attempt to capture the essence of a dream. The voices in the background of the recording become slurred and words transform from reality to dreamlike phrases. A memory has been recorded, restructed and now exists within the realm of a dream.