November 12, 2018

How does our environment affect us?

Stephen Burke, 27

This work stems from an innate need to explore ones surroundings, searching for the characteristics which make up our everyday lives. The many monologues played out across Glasgow’s suburban terrain, ephemeral graffiti, the orange neon of public street lights, DIY football posts and roadwork markings all filter into these subway-esq amalgamations. Public transportation systems have always carried a certain lure due to their transient nature. The stains of pollution and alcohol spilt on the non-porous tiled interior of many train stations seem to capture the ebb and flow of every day life. A silent nod to our shared commonality. This work values the places we only acknowledge peripherally and expresses the aesthetic of banality.


Title: Bath House
Mixed media on mdf
120 x 122cm

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Instagram: @stefano.bardsley