April 30, 2020

How does one person deal with isolation in extreme circumstances in an alien environment?

Darren Greenidge

Short StoryBlindsided, 2020

Intrigued by the capture of Brian Keenan (and inspired by his book An Evil Cradling), John McCarthy, Terry Waite and so forth in Beirut in the late 80s, and also by how people are dealing with isolation during Covid-19, I wanted to question how people deal with pressure in different ways, especially under extreme circumstances, and how it affects the human condition. This story starts with the capture and isolation of the protagonist and the various ways in which he deals with it along the way, and asks if we could do likewise? If we are atheist would we suddenly believe in God due to potential death or would we stick to our values? It questions our humanity, other cultures as well as our own and our place in it.