January 31, 2022

How Does Miscarriage Impact on a Person’s Wellbeing?

Hannah Rose

Digital DrawingCatch A Falling Star, 2021

My work was created in the aftermath of my miscarriage, and expresses the profound sadness and protectiveness I felt for the baby I lost. Miscarriage remains a taboo subject which is little understood and support available varies widely. Miscarriage is common and conversations need to be had to facilitate understanding and compassion. There is a large gap in medical knowledge in this area, and by expressing the impact miscarriage can have on mental health this piece aims to bring this conversation out into the open and address this gap.

The creation of this work documented the raw emotions I felt about this loss, and spurred me to question why miscarriage is not better researched and treated as important. This line of questioning is feminist, as the lack of historical medical research into gynaecology and obstetrics is due to an imbalance of power inherent to our patriarchal society. There are multiple levels in the subject’s ambiguous expression and posture which communicates protectiveness, loneliness, grief and hope. This theme is moving due to its emotional nature. It is important to represent this stigmatised topic to allow engagement with it, which leads to greater compassion and prioritisation of support for people facing miscarriage.