September 30, 2019

How does it feel when your mind and body betray you?

Jennifer Robson, 37


I am an artist living with Crohn’s Disease and Anxiety and Depression. I use my practice to explore and process my emotions. The drawings started as continuous line drawings, almost like diary drawings over ten years ago just before I was diagnosed with depression.

This painting is part of a collection of work entitled The Girl with a Tail. The work anthropomorphises the horse, using it as a vessel to explore my emotions and experiences of living with chronic physical and mental illness. I create bold yet sensitive drawings in biro pen and oil paint. I use my line to evoke powerful and moving images of what often cannot be said-only felt. The works are spontaneous responses which speak to myth through archetypal, intuitive imagery brought forth by the process of mark-making and especially continuous line drawing. There is a safety in exploring emotions this way, almost like the horse is a self invented friend but also much more than that, as she holds my stories, she betrays my desires, she shape-shifts into archetypes of human consciousness.

Fear/Anxiety, 2019oil on board