August 15, 2020

How does it feel like to forget who you are ?

Caroline Garo

FilmOn the Tip of His Tongue, 202016:9

This project is centered around my late Grandfather who had Alzheimer’s disease. For nearly three years, I documented his journey at home. What started as a simple tribute for my family became a lot more when his memory seriously started to crumble, keeping him from achieving basic needs. I wanted to crystallise on film what he was bound to forget. With all the accumulated footage, I chose to make my master thesis about him. Working closely with my advisor from Glasgow’s university, I made this experimental short: a sensorial dive into what it would be like to slowly forget where you’re from, who you love, and ultimately, who you are. This short was shelved for nearly a year but when my grandpa passed away in march, I felt compelled to share his story. I want to be a filmmaker and tell more stories like this one, I started with his. I hope his memory will keep on living with this short.