October 31, 2018

How does contemporary art engage with children?

Clare Bridget Morris


The very basis of my practice has the eyes of the child at its heart, exploring how contemporary art engages with and is inclusive to children. As a child, I hardly ever stepped into a contemporary art venue and when I did, I felt lost. This has been the fuel of my practise since I began to make art. I like to use humour in my art as I feel it somewhat creates a bridge of understanding without being patronising.

This project was exhibited in a venue that I associated with my own childhood; a rare opportunity. It allowed me to look back specifically on my own experiences of treasure hunts throughout the house and use them as the basis of this artwork. The work also explored the ancient stories of faeries which surround the venue as well as Scotland itself, another keen interest of mine. The feedback from this work was positive from both adults and children, saying how it led them to engage with the other art being exhibited with the venue.


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